Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Samsung Launches Smart Learning Bundled With Lot Of Hopes For The Youth Of India

Mr. Tarun Malik, Director, Media Solutions Center – South West Asia, Samsung Electronics, Dr. Hussain, Principal, DPS, Mathura Road and Mr. Ranjivjit Singh, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, South West Asia, Samsung Electronics
This was one of the not too frequently happening events where the focus was constructive, voluminous and targeted towards the larger masses of the country. Something related to youth that is required by them during the most crucial years of their age, the age when they are being groomed, cultivated and educated. The age where there is lot in front of them to acquire sandwiched between the two layers - hope and fear. The age where daring to do anything never done before is not a challenge but the awareness between right and wrong is the issue, the age when a long road is in front to travel and while travelling one is about to gain a wide range of experiences.

At times the road looks barren and never traveled before. At times you find lot of people around and at times you feel so isolated and alone. This is the age when the youth in during their study phase. This is the phase where right direction, if given at right time, can do wonders, can create geniuses.
Mr. Tarun Malik, Director, Media Solutions Center – South West Asia, Samsung Electronics
And for this phase Samsung has announced Smart Learning, a first ever Digital Store for the learning and growing youth of the country to provide them the right direction, to make them more powerful and provide them strength in the areas where it is required most but was either not available or available in a very scattered form. Samsung India first ever digital learning and education store is for all aspiring students to provide them with an entirely unique, innovative and different kind of learning experience that is meant to provide an ocean of information, learning and knowledge in a very structured, creative and collaborative style. Smart Learning Store is available on Google Play Store for all Samsung Tablets as a tab is the most appropriate media to provide digital learning as far as appropriate size is concerned.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced today September 2nd, 2014, this launch of Smart Learning. This is a comprehensive education store developed by their Media Solutions Center (MSC). 

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