Saturday, November 22, 2014

Education Portal CollegeDunia: A Powerful College Search Engine In The Making

Wish to list all colleges of India, offering part time course in MA - visit CollegeDunia. Further wish to filter above search to colleges offering part time course in MA Economics, provision is there. Want to see in a particular city, or state, still you have that option. So if you see, for any stream, be it medical, engineering, management, science, arts, law or commerce; you have all kind of permutations combinations available to juggle with on this portal to arrive at best of the information.

The colleges has individual rating, course lists, type or mode in which education is imparted (full time, part time etc), history and location details. For instance if you click on Engineering tab, you get to select from B.Tech and M.Tech. If you want to know the colleges offering B.Tech in Computer Science it presents 550 colleges all across India offering B.Tech in Computer Science. On the top of this list is IIT Kharagpur with a rating of 9.8.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Angel Funding of Rs 1 Crore to CollegeDunia: A Unique and Powerful College Search Engine

Angel funding of Rs 1 crore has become a boost for an online education portal CollegeDunia. The portal founded by Sahil Chalana merely 6 months back in May 2014, has already become a hit with over 1 lakh visitors per month and aiming to over 1 million visitors within next 6 months as reported. This funding has come from CEO Umang Kumar and some other undisclosed investors. The funding is aimed to be utilized for technology, operations and marketing of as stated by Chalana.

Currently operating with a manpower of 30 people, the count would go up to more than double in next 6 months. Almost 8,000 more colleges, polytechnics and coaching institutes are to be added within the same period to its current list of over 800 colleges offering more than 1500 courses. This has become a single hub for having so vast information of colleges, exams, courses and latest happenings in the education front.