Thursday, August 21, 2014

Have You Checked This New Multiple Account Managing Mobile App

As per the latest ratings available on ( which is an arm of Mail.Ru group, the most popular newcomer app to manage your multiple email accounts is myMail. Mail.Ru is the top most internet company in Russian countries with over 100 million of users as per comScore (@comscore) in its September 2013 analytics report. comScore is a well known company engaged in internet technology related analytics for the global audience, has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia, USA and is having over 1000 employees worldwide in its 32 offices in 23 countries. While comScore is listed on NASDAQ, Mail.Ru is listed on London Stock Exchange since 2010.

Coming back on the new app myMail, has a capability of managing all your email accounts at one place, and has now become the most downloaded email application standing on third place, behind Gmail and Yahoo Mail. This data has been provided by an independent analytics organization Distimo (@Distimo). myMail promises to bring your emails to you from various accounts in secured and spam free shape. It is a mobile app, and mind you, it is absolutely free. Currently it is available on iOS and Android platforms and supports most of the popular email accounts.  Just download and start enjoying your multiple email accounts at one place and that too in a secured and spam free manner.


  1. Thanks for looking at myMail. Unfortunately, when you discuss the cost of the app - which is free -- you confuse us with MyMail Technologies which has a business app that is not free. Kindly please correct your article.