Tuesday, August 5, 2014

If Latest Facts Are Right Then Motorola Smartphones Sales Has Left Nokia Far Behind In India

If last two quarters sales figures are correctly picked, then Motorola has given a big jerk to Microsoft as far as first Quarter 2014-15 sales of smartphone mobile handsets is concerned. In Jan-Feb-Mar (i.e. Quarter 4 of 2013-14), Microsoft's Nokia  smartphone handsets sales in India was around 580k as compared to Motorola's 380k. Which means Nokia smartphones sales was approx 200k higher than Motorola.

But in last quarter ended Jun 2014, Motorola has surpassed Nokia smartphones in a big way. Where Motorola has sold around 960k smartphones in India, Nokia sales has squeezed to 630k. Although Microsoft may console itself by appreciating rise in sales of its handsets in last quarter as compared to last to last quarter by around 50k smartphones (which is not at all a good jump), but if we see the substantial rise in Motorola smartphone sales in last 2 quarters which has risen by 580k, a whooping rise.

Within a year, Motorola has given a tough competition to Nokia and in next quarter probably it will be difficult for Nokia to sustain its rising trend, if Motorola keeps it steep rise intact.

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