Friday, April 22, 2016

Zimmber Launches the Best Handyman Services in India

Zimmber is a pioneer in handyman services available online. The services include electrical repairs & installations, plumbing services, Home Spa, Car Spa, AC Services, Sofa Spa, Salon at Home, Carpet Spa, and a lot more. The professionals registered at Zimmber are called Champs. The reason of this is these professionals perform their activities in a very meticulous, self-assured, and refined manner. The company has recently launched Refer & Earn scheme that is a win-win situation for both sides. 

Zimmber Launches the Best Handyman Services in India
Zimmber is committed to competitive pricing and on-time services. That comitment makes them a step ahead of their competitors. The company has received a number of funding from various segments for this reason. Investors could see the zeal and vigor in Zimmber's vision and the recent policy of Refer & Earn has proven another feather in their cap. 

The new scheme is an unlimited deal allowing you to refer their services to as many acquaintances as possible. Zimmber is the only app that has started this unique service of referring and earning that you can avail in a simple manner. The amount you earn varies depending on the services you refer and avail. To start with, the moment you refer someone to avail Zimmber services you get Rs. 150 in your wallet. That means if you avail a service from the company next time that is worth Rs 250, you get Rs 150 off that is already in your wallet. So you need to pay an amount of Rs 100 only for a service worth Rs 250.

Zimmber Launches the Best Handyman Services in India
That is why I termed it as a win-win for both ends. Zimmber gets a reference and further business. You get paid for this gesture at the same time. This give and take policy is actually benefiting mutually thereby engaging more and more people in the fray.

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