Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Can You Fulfill My Dream: WeChat: Build Some More Features And Make It Unbeatable

The way WeChat is surpassing its rivals in terms of winning the hearts of more and more users because of its rich and unique features; it is not far for it to reach at the top ladder in no time and then it will be easier for it to sustain there and not let any other competitor reach there because of a number of reasons. One strong reason is that more than 50% of total strength of Tencent Inc. is part of its research and development wing. Another solid reason is the volume of so powerful and useful features that have already been released in WeChat so far is far beyond the imagination to achieve for any of its rivals.

Keeping aside the features it has that I have already mentioned in my earlier two posts - here and here; I am going to specify my future expectations from WeChat as I am sure for it to achieve it for two reasons - one, because of its capabilities and two, for its commitments towards its customers to deliver beyond expectations. Before that, I would like to mention one important feature that I forgot to mention in earlier two posts (and the reason for that is quite obvious - the app is so feature rich that you are bound to forget a few) - you get 1 GB of cloud space to save your important data of pics, videos and voice messages (or text) on cloud on a click of a button. 

Now the expectations: 

  1. Imagine you are in a restaurant and have forgotten your wallet at home, that you get to know after having your food. 
  2. The app should have a virtual wallet so that you can just pay through it. 
  3. It must have an NFC app to perform various tasks related to RFID reader. 
  4. Suppose you are at home and your friend, who is in an emergency, needs some amount immediately. So, you, without going to your laptop or bank app, just are able to transfer the desired amount instantly.
  5. You have reached at airport to catch your flight and by mistake you forgot to pick your physical ticket. The app must be able to produce it.
  6. Similarly if you have forgotten your proof of identity at home, the app must be able to fulfill the requirement.
  7. The app must keep your medical records, important communication, documents, consolidated banking details of multiple accounts, investments, stocks, properties, etc. not only the transactions but also the related documents.

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